Research Internship Market

The Research Internship Market aims to connect young and future researchers together.

The Research Internship Market gives an opportunity for PhD candidates to post internship positions and look for an intern willing to help them with their research project. It also offers students (BA/MA) the possibility to find a research internship in the field of Life Science, Photon & Neutron and Social Science, and thereby gaining first–hand experience working on a research project.

Characteristics of the Research Internship Market

  • No registration is needed.
  • Open to all students and PhD candidates, enrolled at a High Education Institution in a country of the Baltic Sea Region (BSR), defined as a member of the Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS): Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Russia and the observer member Belarus.
  • PhD students submit their offers, which will be made public at end of every month, until October 2021.
  • List of internship offers within the BSR will be posted on the BSN webpage, in the fields of Life Science, Photon and Neutron Sciences, and Social Science.
  • Every PhD host who submitted offers is responsible for processing the applications, select the applicants, and get in contact with them to arrange the terms of the internship.
  • No scholarships are currently provided by BSN. Please read section below for funding opportunities.

How to apply

If you are a PhD candidate interested in hosting a student (virtually or in presence), you will have to:

  • Submit your offer to the BSN Team ([email protected]): The internship offer shall consist of a description of your project in English (1 – 2-page PDF document) containing the following points: scientific question, experimental approach, possible prospective tasks of the intern, general information about the working group, the university and the region, prospective duration as well as starting/end date of the internship, contact data). You can download a template here;
  • Submit a declaration of data processing (download here) and a Covid-19 declaration (download here) , to the BSN Team ([email protected]);
  • Inform the BSN Team ([email protected]) once you found a match so that your offer can be deleted from the market

Further Guidelines for PhD hosts

If you are a student looking for a research internship (virtual or in presence), you will have to:

  • Search the list of available internships published on the Research Internship Market, until you find the right internship for your research plans;
  • Send your application directly to the PhD host offering the internship;
  • Your application should consist of a one PDF-document containing the following:
    1. Cover letter, addressed to the internship provider;
    2. Full Curriculum Vitae;
    3. Official university transcript;
    4. Certificate of enrolment;
    5. Contact person for academic references.
  • Submit a Covid-19 declaration (download here) to the BSN Team ([email protected])

Please note that no scholarships can be provided, and interns will have to find alternative sources for funding the internship. Students are advised to contact the International Office at their university to find out possible sources of funding, either through national funding agencies or via ERASMUS+ scholarships, and other sources of funding, that may be available for research internships. Some remaining funds from previous work of BSN may be available for specific country combinations. Please contact Franziska Jerosch ([email protected]) for further details.

Further Guidlines for students

Available internship positions

No positions are currently available.